We had so much fun with this this weekend! It's was so delicious and my husband loved every minute he worked on it. We will definitely be doing this again. The guys are already talking about a huge 4th of July and maybe Christmas alligator lol.

Britni V. October 2020

We would like to thank you for providing us with this Gator. We will be serving it this Monday for our Labor Day Event, and can't wait to try it. Will have more pictures for you on Monday. Thank you Again for your business!

AEC Warehouse

The gator was very good. Great easy recipe, thanks for everything.

Jason S. 2020

Just wanted to say thanks for the outstanding customer service.

Cheez Chef Pitmaster 2020

Would like to say THANKS for the wonderful service that I have received from ordering, receiving this Gator, delivery was late last night ,but it was still frozen solid, the order is everything I was expecting. Will definitely be ordering again. I missed a phone call from you guys last night. Just wanted to reach back out. Thanks for everything.

Freida 2020

Thank you Mr. Larry for all of your advice and suggestions, absolutely fantastic service! Pictures coming soon. thanks again! I'm absolutely thrilled with Big Pop's and I haven't even cooked the gator yet! Mr Larry was awesome and very helpful with many suggestions and advice, I'm confident my BBQ game just upped 200 % and am looking forward to lots of great grilling.

Frank B. 2020

Fast shipping and nicely packed all the way up to Wisconsin. That gator was great but the customer service was even better.

Happy client 2020

Was just garlic cloves and green apples I usually like onions but some people do not like them..it was delicious..when you get a 25 pounder I will be buying another one..

Happy Client 2020

Turned out amazing my friend! Thank you so much!

Happy Client 2020

My first gator It was great delicious and the service from Larry was awesome HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Eleanor M. 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Big Pop's is the best in the business. The gator itself was magnificent and delicious, but the customer service was even better. Larry did a great job helping us with our order and questions. The website's instructions for preparing and cooking the gator were clear and worked great, and the recommended crawfish stuffing recipe was phenomenal. If you want a great gator, you need Big Pop's.

Jess C. 2020

I have to give Larry and his family a huge thank you. I called on a Wednesday evening to place an order for an alligator. Last minute decision to smoke a gator. Larry called me right back after checking different shipping option. Said he can have it to Vermont by Friday. He followed up everyday to give me the location of the package. He made the party complete. Thank you again for the amazing work you do good sir!

Mike T. 2020

Positive: Professionalism

Daniel O. June 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Scott H. June 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Shipped fast to California. Delicious gator!

A OJ June 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Shipping was fast and on time! We will be enjoying for the Memorial Day Weekend. We will definitely be ordering again!

Shannan W. May 2020

Excellent customer service! Went above and beyond what was needed.

Fast shipping. Mar 2, 2020

Great people personal service. The quality of his alligator is second to no one. He also has an awesome alligator sausage and alligator meat red beans recipe that is to die for not to mention his alligator sausage. Cheapest price I have ever seen. I bought 10 1 pound bags twice tenderized for making fried alligator bites. Yummy.

Happy Customer October 2019

I ordered an alligator in early July from Big Pop's for my baby brother's 59th birthday. He is pretty proud of everything he has ever grilled or smoked and I just wanted to give him the opportunity to prove his chops! What big sister wouldn't? Anyway, the alligator was shipped and delivery was VERY fast. The alligator, my brother named him Albert, weighed in at only 8 1/2 lbs. instead of 9, but I received an email from Big Pop's telling me this and informing me that he was sending my brother additional meat to more than make up the difference. And he did. Well, my brother finally smoked Albert on Saturday and invited several friends over to enjoy the feast. Unfortunately, I live too far away to join them, but the report I got was that it was enjoyed by all. It also helped my sister-in-law's diet, because Albert took up residence in my brother's chest freezer until a few days ago, right on top of the ice cream. She wouldn't even open the freezer, let alone reach under Albert for the ice cream! Thanks, Big Pop's, for some great memories!

Happy customer August 2019

Excellent customer service. I had a special request for a 35 pound Gator or bigger. Was told they didn't have anything that big but they could harvest me one in a couple days. Within two days I was told they had me a 38 pounder. They worked with me on billing and transaction status due to insufficient funds at the time. They took down the listing for me to be sure nobody bought it before I was able to get to the bank. They even sent pictures of my gator after it was processed and getting ready to go on ice for shipment. They gave me a tracking number and it delivered right on time. Definitely will be going back again!

Jordy W. August 2019

First of all we want to thank you for your service. Hands down the best company/people to deal with. We are extremely happy with everything and you taking time to make sure we got what we ordered, and the follow up calls and emails during the u.p.s. mix up. The alligator was a huge hit at the party! And was damn good to! We had family from Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, and North Dakota who never tried alligator before. And everyone who tried it loved it! Thanks again for everything! We will do another gator and our next family event

Chris H. July 2019

I purchased and alligator to celebrate reaching 100k on my YouTube channel ToshPointFroEats. I wanted to do something special and was a little nervous about how soon my gator would arrive. It came sooner than I expected and I was so happy. My audience LOVED the gator and I have a feeling more Youtubers will be purchasing more soon. Thank you for helping make it a memorable experience.

Natasha July 2019

We absolutely LOVE the customer service we received! We were worried about shipping for our wedding, but he assured me it would be there in time! Well due to UPS they lost our alligator and He had no problem overnighting us one to make sure we got to enjoy a alligator on our wedding! Absolutely recommend Big Pops will be ordering a alligator again soon!

Mikayla K. July 2019

First time buyer for an alligator to smoke on the 4 of July Larry is awesome southern hospitality to the fullest the best people i have ever dealt with as a seller they are awesome people to deal with and help you with every step of the process i cant say enough about these folks

Craig R. July 2019

Big Pop's was fantastic! The alligator arrived as described and we can't wait to cook the gator up using the recipe supplied by Big Pop's.

Cant say enough good things a out how helpful they were during the ordering process, ease of delivery & follow up regarding suggested recipes and help!

Will order from Bog Pop's again!!

Joe D. July 2019

Very informative and all around pleasure to deal with!

Michael P. July 2019

Purchase a gator for grandson's B-Day cook out it was a hit, Larry was so nice when placing order, I will be a life time customer. The gator was the best I have had.

Glenna H. July 2019

Great customer service and quick delivery!! We will most definitely be ordering from them again!!! Thank you Larry.

Tastee' Creations Catering and Desserts June 2019

Customer Service was amazing Larry went above and beyond to help me with every step of the way. Starting with purchasing my fisrt gator, walking me through the delivery process and finally telling me how to cook my gator to perfection! Will definitely buy from them from here on out!!

Francisco C. June 2019

I just wanted to thank you for helping me make memories for all of the kids(and adults) at my party last night.

Ben B. June 2019

Ordered a 10 lb gator and shipment arrived in Austin on time and flash frozen. Smoked the gator with a little bit of Cajun rub and bacon on the tail. Everyone loved it. will definitely use Big Pops for our seafood purchases going forward.

Kevin S. June 2019

Larry thank you for everything. This was a hit man and I will do it again. The dressing was perfect as well, the meat just fell off the bones. People who don't eat gator even ate it. The best part was the people from Iowa and Illinois who never had the chance. This was a celebration of life party for the passing of my daughter who loved gator meat, I'm sure she has a smile wrapped all the way around her little head.

Thanks again and will be in touch soon to do another.

Kirk M. June 2019

We use lots of gator for our food truck. This is by far a superior product! It is tender and delicious! I can't say enough about customer service either. Larry is personable and accommodating! Y'all are awesome!!
Thank you! Leah Green. Owner, The Big Easy foodtruck.

Jeff G. June 2019

So I wanted an alligator for my birthday on July 4th on I was looking through a couple sites, but ultimately ended up going with Big Pop's. I wrote them and asked a couple of questions and could not believe how helpful they are. After I exchanged a couple of emails with Burt I finally ordered my gator and couldn't be happier. These guys really are the best and will answer ever question you have. Thank y'all for making everything easy!

Richard C. June 2019

Just ordered a whole gator to put on the smoker. Talked with Larry and he knows his gator. Thanks again for all your help

Tom June 2019

Great customer service, very informative about product and availability. Shipping was was quick and simple. I will definitely be a repetitive customer.

Marcus J. June 2019

What an amazing experience we had with this company. Ordered a gator for our wedding reception. The gator some how got lost in Jackson MS. by USP. Called on Wednesday to figure out what was going on. They confirmed it was lost and they couldn't find it. Instantly got bummed out. Thinking no gator for the reception. Talked with the company and they worked it out, They sent 1 in first class (a gator that is). It arrived just in time to get it thawed and smoked. Couldn't have ended any better. Will definitely be a return costumer.

Justin G. June 2019

My gator arrived right on time for the fathers day cookout! Appreciate the great service!

Robert J. June 2019

Big Pops was very professional and sent me a very fresh gator. He spoke to me through email and wanted to make sure that the alligator get to me in time for my party. The gator was amazingly fresh and was a hit at the party. Everyone loved it and declared that we must smoke one at least once a year. Thank goodness I found Big Pop's. He will definitely by my "gator Man" from here on out.

James G. May 2019

To start off I live on the west coast and I just called its 8:00pm here 10:00pm there and he picked up the phone to answer my questions! if that's not good customer service I don't know what is! I will be ordering some gators from these guys! thank you very much u guys u will be hearing from me soon!!!!!

Justin D. May 2019

Fantastic fresh seafood!!! So friendly & helpful. Very fair with their prices! You can't get anything like this around Springfield. Truly nice people. We will keep coming back.

Sherri C. April 2019

Big pops is amazing and well worth it. Great folks and the meat is incredible my husband recently bought me a whole gator and it is one of the best things ever this way you get gator wings and the whole thing.

Heather D. March 2019

Larry is the best for all your seafood needs. He treats you right and you definitely get your money's worth.

Noreen P. April 2018

Alligator and shrimp was great...we hope you are coming back we definitely will buy more.

Kenneth B. February 2018

Definitely a fresh taste from the Gulf. Great presentation all around with taste, flavor, and variety to follow. This will now be my seafood destination in Springfield.

Josh B. January 2014

So excited to have found this place! It is true Louisiana food and it's delicious! Will be back Friday for gumbo. Love giving my business to someone from my home state! Such a nice guy and enjoyed talking to him! GEAUX Tigers ;)

Sarah L. February 2014

Might have been the best Po' Boy Sammich I've ever had!
The breading on the seafood was light with just the right amount of spice. The bread... OMG the Bread. A Thick Crusty loaf of Italian? Almost Sourdough.... Perfect!
You guys Rock! See you soon!!!!

Chris S. April 2014

Very nice and some of the most cleanest and largest crawfish missouri has ever seen.. I would know cause my family lives in Louisiana down by piere part and these guys got a great lil thing Goin! !!

Misty R. July 2014

I can't thank you enough for this guy! You've earned a customer for life and I can't wait to order again!


Was great fun thanks for the gator! Talk of the office

Dan Chu

Great people to work with which is hard to find today. Very helpful and shipping was more than on time. Will be using the recipe for the dressing when we cook this and will keep you all posted with pictures as well. Special thanks to Larry and the extra mile you went for me.

Kirk M. October 2020

Big Pop's always delivers on his promise with high quality Gator's at the size you need.
Here is a photo of our 17 lb. Gator we smoked for 5 hours with a light BBQ & Cajun Spice rub.

Raymond I. October 2020

This was my first and certainly not the last alligator on the smoker. The 27 lb gator was stuffed with crawfish dressing mix (from the web site recipe), injected with creole butter, sweet rib rub, and covered with bacon. The meat was cooked for 6 hours and many different temperatures because we had trouble keeping it regulated and I hadn't used this grill before. The temps went from over 500 degrees down to 200. 225 - 250 was our target temp but average was around 300. Next time we will use a pellet smoker to keep a more controlled heat on it. We feed about 60 people at VFW Post 5077 in O'Fallon, MO during the Car Cruise we sponsored. By cooking more of the dressing, it allowed the gator meat to go farther to feed more people. There are many folks here in the Midwest who have never tried gator.
I want to say a big thank you to Larry who answered all my questions over the phone when I placed the order. The recipes on the web site he referred me to help this new alligator griller learn more about the art of smoking a gator. I'm the person in the dark shirt in the photos.
I will now try my hand at frying a gator for Thanksgiving.

Buddy M. September 2020

Couldn't ask for a Better Company to order from. Larry was responsive and concerned that the order met my expectations. It didn't just meet it, the order exceeded what I was hoping for. Delicious Gator. Arrived on time, still frozen and Very well packed. Big Pop's is my new Go-To for Louisiana Seafood and Whole Gator. Thank You Big Pop's!

Dan M. September 2020

I ordered this Bad Jackson mid-week in hopes of being a little Bayou BBQ all the way up to Chicago. The 12-pound gator came wrapped and packaged very well and it was extremely well preserved. The alligator was cleaned and sliced open already and was ready to be stuffed with a good corn bread stuffing. I was extremely impressed with Big Pop's overall and will definitely being going to them every time I need an alligator. GatorFest 2021 cannot come soon enough.

Tommy L. September 2020

It was everything we expected. When it arrived, it was still completely frozen and not thawed. It also arrived when you promise which was great cause I'm usually at that time. It was a first time for us everyone loved it and we look forward to doing business with you again. Keep up the good work!

Martice H. September 2020

I ordered my first alligator and it was such a great experience! I talked with them on the phone for quite some time not only about the gator but personal experiences as well. Very friendly and very helpful as well as fast quality product! I will definitely be using them again!!!

Ken M. September 2020

We ordered a Gator from Big Pop's and they delivered. Thank you, our clients loved it!!! Great doing business with you

Rodney K. September 2020

First time ordering they were very kind with quick call backs! Was very helpful with recipes and every detail that was needed. I will definitely be ordering again

Jaye S. September 2020

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